Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr. Fix It

I love to come home to a new cartridge in my mailbox. It makes me sooo happy. Well this week this handsome fellow put a smile on my face.

I've wanted this lite cartridge for a while. I have a scrapbook (if you can really call it that) of the evolution of our home. We have re-done every room in our house. I have pictures of what the house looked like the day we bought it and after each renovation. My mother in-law had suggested this to me when we bought our house. I'm so happy I listened to her. It's so much fun to go back and look at all of the changes we've made. Nothing looks the same. I often wonder if the people we bought the house from ever drive by. Anyway with all of our home improvements I thought this cartridge would be great. I could make that so called scrapbook into a real deal scrapbook. So I pulled the trigger and bought it. It came just in time for my Dad's birthday. He is the offical Mr. Fix-It. He fixes just about everything and is extremely handy. So I used my new cartridge right away and made him this birthday card and gift bag. There is one bag on the cartridge (which I did not know when I bought it). It's the perfect size for a Home Depot gift card, just what Mr. Fix-It needs. I wish the cartridge would have came with the saying, Mr. Fix-It. I had to cut that part with SCAL.

As you can see my brilliant photography strikes again!

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