Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Party

I recently worked with a fabulous customer on her daughters 2 year old birthday. Her daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Loves everything Kitty so it was only natural to have a Hello Kitty party. The fabulous customer is also a close friend of mine. I thought it would be nice to spotlight her party on my blog. She purchased some items at the party store, paper plates, cups, blowers, balloons and the rest was created by me. I had so much fun working with her on the Kitty party. Here are the results.
The invitation

This was the sign that greeted the guests when they arrived.

A child size arts and crafts table was set up. Each child got to decorate a drinking cozy with markers, foam stickers, glitter and kitty stickers.

Next the treat bags that I absolutely love. Hello Kitty for the girls and frogs for the boys. A previous customer had requested the frog so I thought I would use it again for this party.
Birthday girls hat.
And we NEEDED ( I stress the word needed) a hair bow when the birthday girl got tired of the hat.

Kitty Cookies by Etsy Seller Cookie Jar
Lastly, the Thank You card that all guests received.

I had so much fun working on this party.

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