Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Back From One of the Best Vacations!

I just returned from an amazing vacation!!!! I was so lucky to go on a cruise with my hubby, that's right just me and the hubby, NO KIDS!!!! WOW, talk about relaxing. I love my kids dearly but I was in need of some relaxing, quiet, ME TIME! This was my 6th cruise and third Norweign cruise. Can you tell I like Norweign and cruising. The Norweign Epic is an amazing ship. Great staff, great food, great decor, nice seperation of adults and kids, excellent entertainment and great drinks. There is so much to do for both families and couples. I would definately bring my kids on this boat. They have the Nickelodeon adventure.
Here is a picture of me, yes I'm finally revealing myself, on the first day. We were on the boat for maybe an hour.

I know, I know, I am pasty white. That's what happens when you've been couped up all winter and haven't seen the sun in forever! So happy to have a drink, ohhhh wait that's two drinks in hand. Anyway, it was a great vacation, did I already say that, and now I am happy to be back home with my kids, my etsy shop, and my upcoming half marathon.

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