Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivational Monday

One of my new year's goals is to run a half marathon.  This is something I've wanted to do for a while.  Not an easy task when you have two young kids but I was up for a challenge this year.  Last year I completed my first 10k race, 9 months postpartum.  I couldn't believe I did and I did it in great time, 53 minutes.  I was so proud of myself.  It's one of the best feelings to cross that finish line.  There is so much emotion, relief, joy, happiness, self fufillment, and PRIDE.  Pride in knowing I set a goal for myself and I accomplished it.  I ran that race and thought of my kids the entire time.  I kept thinking I'm doing this for them.  I want them to see their mom set a goal and attain it.  I want them to see what hard work is.  I  want them to know that if you work hard at something you will accomplish it.  I also believe it instills a health lifestyle and I am doing everything I can to take care of my body. 
In January I joined a running group that is preparing for an upcoming marathon/half marathon.  I love it!  It's so nice to see a group of people with the same interests as me.  Giving up their Saturday morning to run in the freezing cold, on our first run it was 14 degrees!!! Yes I said 14 degrees.  I know most of us would rather be in our cozy beds but we get up and drag ourselves to the park and hit the pavement.  We also follow a training plan during the week.  I usually accomplish this early in the morning when the little ones are still sleeping. So this past weekend I ran the furthest I've ever run in my life, 9.5 miles.  I know I will be ready for the 13.1 miles that are ahead of me and it feels great knowing my hard work and persistence will pay off.  I would love to post a picture of me at 8:00 am dressed in layers to brave the cold but no one in my house is willing to get out of their cozy beds to take the picture.  Ohhhh well.

Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."
- Oprah Winfrey, talk show host and marathon finisher

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whip It Up Wednesday Delay

Sorry about the late post for Whip It Up Wednesday.  I was busy making these super delicious cookies with a little one attached to my hip. 
It was a long day with lots of bumps and bruises.  Anyhoo, I heart these iced pumpkin cookies.  They go perfectly with a nice cup of  tea on a snowy day.  Even big Krocker liked them.  He gave them a thumbs up.  Leave me a comment if you make them.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Nephew First Diaper Cake

I mentioned in my previous post that my sister in-law is due any day.  The Krocker family is absolutely thrilled.  This will be my first nephew and big and little Krockers  first cousin.  We are very happy to welcome him to our family.  I wanted to make something special for the little guy.  So I decided to try and make a diaper cake.  I've seen so many pretty ones on etsy and thought it was something I could make on my own.  Here is the finished product. 

 I found the bucket at Target for $2.50.  I personalized the bucket with some vinyl that I cut on my Cricut (ohhhhh how I love you).  Next I rolled a size 1-2 diaper length wise and tied it with curling ribbon. I filled the entire bucket with diapers and put an empty paper towel rod in the center.  Then I started level 2.  I rolled and tied the diapers the same but attached them to the paper towel rod by a rubber band to prevent them from falling down.  I did the same with the top.  I added some decorative grosgrain ribbon to hide the rubber bands and red paper shred on the different levels.  The baseball and football were cut with my Cricut (Sports Mania cartridge).  I topped off the cake with a teddy bear and gift card to Babies r us.  I know they were lucky to receive most of the items off of their registry so I thought a gift card would be nice to buy whatever Drew might need in the future.  I hope he likes it. 

Repurpose Homemade Baby Food Containers

In my quest to stay organized this year I sorted through some (well let's be realistic here,     A LOT) baby stuff that we no longer needed.  My sister in law is due any day now and I wanted to give her some of the never ending baby products we were finished using.  When I came across my homemade baby food containers I knew I could repurpose these.   

My sprinkle jars having been bothering me for a while.  Every time I open my pantry baking draw they were rattling around and falling over.  So a light bulb went off and the rest they say is history.  I decided to put all of my sprinkles in the baby food containers.  This way they stay put in the tray, no more rattling around the draw, I can see what sprinkles we have right away because the cover is clear and big Krocker can easily put a spoon inside and scoop out some sprinkles for his make your own sundae.  I may need another tray because I have so many different types of sprinkles but I love this idea. It stays neat and I can easily see what I have on hand and big Krocker likes the selection. 

Other great ideas for the containers are  mini maracas for the kids,  store earrings and small bracelets inside,  help your kids sort objects by color or size.  We've used them to sort fruit loops by color. 

Let me know how you repurposed a baby product.