Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Say No To Resolutions and Yes To Goals

Have you read, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne?  I have and it's changed the way I view things in so many ways.  I was never a glass half empty gal but I wasn't a glass half full either.  I guess I was somewhere in between.  A couple of years ago I decided to stop making resolutions because I thought it sounded negative and focused on the negative.  Instead I wanted to look at things in a  positive way.  Set realistic goals.  Goals that I know if I work hard enough I can attain.  So I am formally committing to the goals I have set up for 2011 by sharing them with all of you.  I will revisit these goals through out the year and give you updates.  See what's working, what's not.  Feel free to share your goals too.  By sharing them, talking about them, you are more likely to commit to them.
 2011 Goals

1.  Run a half marathon
2.  Get organized and stay organized
3.  Start a blog (I guess I can check that one off my list)
4.  Increase my Etsy sales
5.  Cook one vegetarian meal a week for my family (this is my "Going Green" goal for the year.  I have one each year.  Check out what one vegetarian meal a week can do for our planet at wannaveg)

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